Panel discussion: Central and Eastern Europe and the Migration Crisis (26 May 2016)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Central European University Business School hosted a group of MBA students from NYU STERN Business School for a week-long course entitled „Doing Business in Hungary/Central Europe”. IOM Budapest was invited to join a panel discussion to unpack the primary challenges of the migration crisis, as experienced by Hungary and other neighbouring states in the region. Daniel Bagameri, Programme Assistant at the IOM office in Budapest, provided an overview of the topic, highlighting the importance of complex migration governance that addresses the root causes of irregular migration, facilitates regular migration and protects rights of all migrants. The panelists had different views on what impact migration has on the economy of a host country: the IOM representative argued that effective policies – meaning those that focus on access to employment – with sensitized public attitude, can enable migrants and refugees to be net contributors to a country’s budget.


Yusaf Akbar, Central European University Business School



Laszlo Gyorgy, Szazadveg Economic Research Institute

Youssef Fakhouri, Pro Christie

Daniel Bagameri, IOM Budapest