Overview of migration flows to Hungary in 2016 is now published by IOM Budapest

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Within the framework of the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) project, IOM Budapest staff interviewed nearly 1,000 people in different migrants facilities in Hungary between February and November 2016 in order to get an overview of the composition of the migrants, who arrived to the country.

This published overview captures the most important and interesting facts and figures, and provides a good outline of the composition of migrants, who arrived to Hungary last year. It compiles information about their age, gender, marital status, education and nationalities, as well as the way they arrived to Hungary, including the most common routes taken and prevalence of human trafficking along the routes.


According to the results of the survey:

  • 69% of the migrants were men with the average age of 25, who left their countries due to armed conflict or political reasons;

  • 87% of the migrants arrived to Hungary via the Balkan route, more than half of them as part of a group;

  • Almost 75% of the interviewed migrants paid more than USD 5,000 for their journey, and hardly anyone (2%) considered the possibility of returning home voluntarily;

  • Less than 10% of the interviewees experienced an event that may be linked to human trafficking, whereof the most prevalent indicator (80%) was being kept against their will by persons other than the authorities of the country they were in, typically Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece.


    To read the full overview please click on the picture.


    To find out more about DTM activities in Hungary, please visit the dedicated webpage and for further information about flows to Europe please visit the following website: migration.iom.int


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