The final SUMIGRE newsletter is here

szerda, August 21, 2019

As the SUMIGRE project comes to an end this August, project partners are now finishing their project activities and summarizing the results for the final reports. During the two-year project period, partners from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, The Netherland, Turkey and the UK have worked on supporting the professional development of migrant-related educators, raising public awareness, and building a network of NGOs, adult education providers, public authorities and policy makers to raise the public awareness of the project theme, secure their commitment and increase cross sectoral collaboration. By the end of the project two intellectual outputs, the Migration Report and the Training Curriculum on the E-Learning Platform have been developed and disseminated to a wide range of audience.

In this final Newsletter, the readers can learn more about the SUMIGRE project activities that have been carried-out in the final months of the project.

You can read the final SUMIGRE newsletter here.